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Preventative Roof Maintenace Plans that save you money in PA, NJ & Nationwide 



Extend the life of your roof and protect your investment.


Cooper Roofing's preventative roof maintenance program in PA, NJ, DE and the East Coast is a cost-effective way of preventing minor problems from becoming disruptive, big-budget nightmares. Our bi-annual and semi-annual maintenance inspections provide owners with a detailed summary of their entire roof system, including areas of concern and suggested repairs needed. Cooper Roofing's reports are designed to extend the life of your existing roof system and forecast future spending.

At Cooper Roofing, we’ve designed a customized preventative roofing maintenance program to handle these concerns in an ongoing, professional, and cost-efficient way. Investing in a preventative maintenance plan for your commercial roof will protect your facilities and save you from spending more in the future.

Cooper Roofing offers Quarterly, Semi-Annual, & Annual Roof Maintenance Packages. 

All Preventative Maintenance Plans include an inspection using the Cooper Roofing 50-point checklist and include documentation of defects, points of deterioration, and compromised roof accessories and assemblies in need of repair.

Our trained professionals assess:

Roof Adhesives, Surface Coatings

Debris Removal

Drain Clearing to ensure free water flow

Caulk terminations and pip sealing

Documentation of water-entry points

Roof Age

Water Stains

Interior of the building, including walls and ceilings for any signs of water staining

Base Flashings

Cap Flashings

Edge Metal


Field of Roof


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