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For over 30 years, Cooper Roofing has been serving General Contractors, Property Managers, Property Owners, and Institutions throughout PA, NJ, and the Northeast region, and providing new commercial roof construction for over 30 years.


Cooper Roofing's highly-trained project managers know how to work effectively with developers and construction management teams to deliver high-quality work, on schedule. The Cooper Roofing team will work in tandem to design and install a roofing system that fits the structure’s exact needs.

From the beginning stages of planning, Cooper Roofing will be there. Our in-house team of blue-print estimators allows us to appreciate a full scope of work and give input. We can provide roofing recommendations to meet building codes and cut construction costs.

Once planning is complete, our team of trained roofing professionals will be on-call and ready to work. Cooper Roofing’s team is comfortable and experienced in new construction and familiar with all the latest roofing systems. Our crews work competently with other service professionals to complete construction ON-TIME!

After roof construction is completed, Cooper Roofing highly recommends having a preventative roof maintenance program in place to ensure the life expectancy of the new roof. It’s the most effective way to preserve and prolong the new roof’s lifespan. We believe a preventative roof maintenance plan is the best investment that can be made for a newly installed roof.


Roof replacement for multi-family, restaurants, storage facilities, industrial, manufacturing, office, and religious buildings.

Through normal wear-and-tear (age, temperature, and weather conditions) your commercial roof faces harsh conditions. The roof can only withstand so much pressure before slowly breaking down and becoming less effective.  Being the first line of defense against the outside conditions, it is important to always keep your roof completely functional without defects.

As commercial and industrial roof experts, Cooper Roofing knows the best systems to fully restore commercial roofs to their optimal operating capacity. Our technicians understand the benefits and drawbacks of a commercial roof replacement and will provide comprehensive, knowledgeable recommendations during the replacement process. We work with our clients to understand their needs, as well as consider factors like climate, the current roof system, and future needs to offer the best remedies available.

Every commercial roof replacement program handled by Cooper Roofing begins with a free roof inspection and a full scope of work proposal so that there is complete cooperation and insurance that the project is completed on time and in the budget.

Black and white closeup photo of a contractor working on a commercial roof.


Black and white aerial shot of a commercial roof that Cooper Roofing worked on.

Cooper Roofing can design or collaborate with your construction team to install the right roof for any commercial project. Our years of industry experience, with a variety of roofing systems, including metal roofing using built-up roofing membranes, single-ply roofing, solar panel technology, and HVAC installations, ensures you with added value and superior cost-efficiency.


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Cooper Roofing specializes in the new installation, repair, and replacement of metal roof systems for commercial and industrial properties throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, New York, and the East Coast. Cooper Roofing’s trained service professionals assess and complete each project to meet quality, safety, and client's standards.



What are the benefits of metal roofing & siding?

Compared to other roofing materials, metal roofing systems offer many advantages for commercial and industrial buildings. Metal roofs provide improved durability and thermal performance, limited maintenance, and increased life expectancy. Metal roofing is extremely versatile and available in a wide range of materials, gauges, and colors with different coatings and finishings. Metal roofing is the perfect option to meet and satisfy specific or custom needs. Metal Roofing systems allow Cooper Roofing to adapt to our client's needs and provide exactly what their building needs. Cooper Roofing aims to meet its clients’ requests on-time and within budget. We’re equally as prepared for emergency situations, with teams available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to restore your property to optimal operating integrity.

To learn more about our commercial roofing services in the New Jersey, Philadelphia, and East Coast area contact us today. Our highly-knowledgeable roofing project managers are happy to discuss your project needs and figure out the best system to meet your goals while remaining within budget and on time.