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Multi-Family Housing Roofing

At Cooper Roofing, we specialize in multi-family housing roofing services. With over 40 years of experience, we understand the unique needs of multi-family housing properties and are committed to providing top-tier service to property owners, managers, and maintenance staff. Our team has a solid understanding of relevant building codes and regulations, proper licensing, and insurance, allowing us to support customers Nationwide. Our wide range of comprehensive services from installation to maintenance and repairs provide continuity and reliability to your company. 

At Cooper Roofing, our goal is to provide exceptional roofing services that meet your property’s needs and budget, enhancing the overall condition and value of your multi-family housing community.

Preventative Maintenance

Cooper Roofing offers annual, bi-annual, and monthly roof maintenance services, including scheduled inspections to detect issues early. Preventive maintenance like cleaning gutters, clearing debris, and roof coatings, and completing minor repairs like loose shingles and smaller leaks, maintain the building's roof's longevity.  Cooper Roofing has found preventive maintenance keeps tenants satisfied, maintains the property's appearance, and increases property values.

Roof Replacement

Multi-family roof replacements require special considerations to minimize tenant and property disruptions. Cooper Roofing offers multi-family roof replacement services that include a thorough inspection to evaluate the existing roof and determine its age, damage, and performance. We use quality materials to match the property's existing aesthetic and coordinate closely with property management through pre-job start meetings to minimize disruption and ensure organized deployment of our team and materials.

Roof Repairs

We understand that leaks can cause tenant dissatisfaction. That's why we inspect leaks within 2 days to prevent unhappy tenants, property damage, and headaches for owners and property managers. We collaborate with building owners to offer a wide range of repair options, including on-site emergency repairs and comprehensive solutions tailored to fit any budget. Our goal is to work closely with property owners and managers to resolve issues efficiently and cost-effectively.

Due Diligence Reports

Cooper Roofing provides comprehensive Due Diligence Reports for multi-family housing complexes and apartments. Whether buying a new property or evaluating an existing one, our detailed reports, complete with photos, cover the entire building or property. Our trained technicians identify all points of deterioration and suggest repairs, helping clients in their negotiation process and in upgrading their communities to increase property value.

Ground Up Construction

Our estimating division collaborates closely with General Contractors and other industry professionals, adeptly reading and working with blueprints to ensure seamless project completion. We prioritize custom design that enhances building aesthetics while ensuring proper ventilation, insulation, and drainage for multi-family housing. Our commitment to code compliance ensures all installations meet local building codes and safety regulations specific to multi-family properties.

Customer-Service Oriented

At Cooper Roofing, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We offer responsive service with quick turnaround times for inquiries and requests. Throughout projects, we keep property managers and residents informed with detailed timelines, progress updates, and necessary adjustments. For multi-family properties, we minimize tenant disruption through careful scheduling and offer scalable roofing solutions tailored to each property's unique needs. Our customized maintenance plans ensure long-term roof performance and durability, meeting the specific requirements of every client we serve.


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