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Prepare for Summer Storms with Seamless Rain Gutters

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Summer’s here! And as excited as we all are about the many fun things it brings like cookouts, trips to the beach, and baseball, we’re less excited about the storms that arise throughout the season. Summer storms are notorious for their property-damaging wind, rain, and flash floods. One of the most effective ways to shield against water damage from summer storms is maintaining the roof of your commercial or residential property and the installation of an effective rain gutter system.

Rain gutters are the unsung heroes of roofing. Without their assistance, all of that rainwater would pool on your roof, weaken its integrity and lead to leaks and cave-ins. Plus, those hard working gutters divert the flow of rainwater away from your property so it doesn’t find its way into your basement or ground floor and cause excessive water damage.

While regular gutters are great at their job, there’s an even better option with several major advantages: seamless rain gutters.

Below, we’ll explain the difference between these two gutter styles and highlight some of the many reasons seamless rain gutters may be the right choice to protect your commercial property from summer storms.

What’s The Difference Between Seamless Gutters and Regular Gutters?

This is a question we’re asked all of the time. It’s pretty simple to answer and explain. Regular gutters or traditional gutters are assembled from pre-cut pieces that are then installed along the top of the property right below the roof edges. The pieces are then joined together with couplings that are either soldered or sealed.

Seamless gutters or continuous gutters are constructed from one long piece of material and require no additional sealing since they have no seams. This type of rain gutter is made on-site using custom measurements and a machine that’s mounted on a truck.

Seamless Gutters vs. Regular Gutters

Although it’s easy to think that a gutter is just a gutter, that’s simply not the case. While regular gutters do a great job of protecting roofs and property, they’re susceptible to frequent clogs and leaks due to their seamed design. In addition, when seams are weakened, the couplings often come loose and cause the sections of the gutter to separate or break.

However, seamless gutters have many advantages over traditional gutters. Their unique design is less susceptible to clogs and leaks since there are no seams or joints. Their one-piece construction makes them easier to install and is able to withstand nature’s elements better than their sectional counterparts. And to top it all off, seamless or continuous rain gutters are more visually appealing than traditional gutters.

Now you not only know the differences between regular and seamless gutters, you understand the many advantages of seamless rain gutters and disadvantages of traditional gutters. When it’s time to repair or replace your gutters, turn to Cooper Roofing! Our team of experts is ready to repair your existing gutters or custom-manufacture and install new seamless gutters on your commercial or residential property. Contact us today about a FREE Gutter Evaluation!

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